About the Artist

Ambria Michelle has been a professional photographer since 2006, when she moved to NYC to work as a product photographer. She was the exclusive photographer for the Martha Stewart Brand from 2007-2012. Ambria's colorful images and masterful use of light helped to re-define the look of an iconic American brand. Fun to work with and technically skilled, Ambria excels at bringing the client's vision to life. Her experience allows for a balance between creativity and efficiency.

After earning her BFA in photography from Temple University (2003), she attended the Hallmark Institute of Photography where she was awarded top commercial portfolio. This is where she was trained in the craft of professional studio lighting and commercial practices.

In 2012 Ambria became a freelance photographer. Since then, she has continued her relationship with Macy's and Martha Stewart while also photographing for some of New York's top designers, models, and artists. She has spent the last few years traveling through Central America, taking photos, and starting a beautiful family.

Ambria offers boutique services to a select and highly discriminating clientele. She photographs for both large and small clients in NYC and internationally. Ambria loves to collaborate with artists, families, farms, and holistic companies. Her studio resides in Brooklyn, NY.  She looks forward to working with you on your next big project.